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User-Friendly Excel Training
    "Tony helped me with some complex Excel formulas to enable me to improve my productivity through the efficiency of the spreadsheet created.  Providing expert knowledge Tony managed to transform a poor formula into an efficient and flexible string.  I highly recommend Tony to help improve your spreadsheets.”  Daniel Bianchi, Senior SEO Consultant, SEOptimise Ltd

I run user-friendly training courses and workshops on the use of Excel spreadsheets.  Whilst there are numerous books and computer based courses on the market about how to use Excel, bespoke training has the advantage of being interactive, can cover what you specifically want and you will learn much quicker.  I am also happy to provide on-site training to reduce your costs and save more time.

The major
ity of Excel users just don't realise how much easier their life could be if only they knew more about it.  "People don't know what they don't know."  The sheer number and variety of different functions can be so bewildering that many Excel users just don't know where to start.  I will not only show you what is relevant, but also make sure that you understand it and how and when to use it.  

The training will be bespoke - I have trained scores of people in Excel techniques at their pace and on examples taken from their businesses.  Whether you want to work with me on a 1 to1 basis for an hour, or train a group for a week, I will design a suitable course.

A basic course could include:             1)  how to get Excel to do what you want it to do
                                                           2)  when to use its various features

                                                           3)  solve Excel problems.

Once you get started you will be surprised just how much time and money you can save.

To discuss your possible requirements,
contact Tony Sutcliffe either by email Tony@TSSoftware.co.uk   or call 0117 968 1971.

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