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Tailored Software to make your life easier

      "The system in place now is SO much better and easier to work with compared to the old system which was hard work.  Every time I process the End of Month payments I think to myself, “thank you Tony”.  Last summer the workload was overwhelming and very stressful, I don’t dread next heavy workload as I know that it can be done much more smoothly and reliably using the new system.  Many thanks for all your support."   Mina O'Connor, Claremont Eavs Ltd.

      “Time Saving Software is simply Brilliant!  Tony is a genius when it comes to Excel spreadsheets.  I needed help with a spreadsheet and Tony has transformed it.  I now have buttons which use Macros to make complicated cut and paste jobs so simple!  Apparently he's added some pivot tables but more importantly I now have a financial dashboard with exciting graphs and pie charts.  We all use Excel but Tony can help revolutionise your spreadsheets so you get the best from them.  I highly recommend Tony to everyone.”    Dickie Armour, Non-executive Director, Nominet

With over 20 years’ experience writing software applications for both large and small businesses, I design software to:
              •   meet your needs and those of your staff
              •   significantly improve the way that you and your staff work 
              •   give you better information to manage your business efficiently
              •   save valuable time
              •   reduce costs and produce better results
              •   be user friendly.       
I am happy to discuss your individual requirements for spreadsheet support.

The Tailored Software service is designed around the specific needs of an individual or company.  From my experience as a qualified accountant, I understand my clients' data processing needs, and have the skills to write the appropriate software.  Hence I can produce a solution that will fulfil the functions you need, as well as giving you extra facilities you didn't realise you wanted, but will be glad to have!

The starting point of my work for you or your company can be to build a new bespoke package from scratch or to enhance what you already have.  Through a consulting process I will understand your needs and incorporate the necessary functionality.  Amongst others, the areas that I cover can include:


  •    Budgets and Forecasts
  •    Cash-flow analysis and forecasting
  •    Expense Claims
  •    Purchase Ordering
  •    Quoting and Invoicing

    Data Analysis

  •   Stock records 
  •   Tracking Work-in-progress 
  •   Customer records and analysis
  •   Mailing lists

    Management Information

  •   Dashboards
  •   Time sheets
  •   Resource Planning
  •   Process Monitoring or Improvement