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How valuable is YOUR Time?                  

My name is Tony Sutcliffe.  As a Chartered Management Accountant for 20 years I was responsible for processing and understanding many different types of data, including financial, time and text.  One thing that was frequently common to all of them was the repetitive and time consuming nature of what had to be done.  Consequently I developed ways of automating these processes by writing software to help.

I now create software for clients across the UK to automate these tasks, using what I consider to be the most cost effective and accessible method - Excel spreadsheets.  This enables my clients to save time and money and allows them to get on with what they are good at – running their business.

I offer a range of services, from Excel training and enhancing small spreadsheets for individuals to building bespoke systems for large companies.  

     "We instructed Tony at Time Saving Software to help us make better use of our business data and to produce some automated reports that would allow us to more effectively manage our customer and workforce whilst also driving business improvements.  Having invested a significant sum of money in new business tools and processes, it was critical that we were able to measure our current performances and have the ability to drive continuous improvements and add further value to our customers.
     "Tony has been an amazing person to work with and was quickly able to understand our requirements, even though we didn't always know what we wanted. He worked long and hard to build some very user friendly dashboard reports for us, which have transformed the way our business now works and he has given us the ability to consistently measure and track our performance. The amount of data that we needed manipulating was huge and very complicated, and there have been a number of revisions along the way, but Tony has remained calm, patient and supportive throughout the whole process."
  Steve Warwick, National Service Manager, Kohler Mira Ltd.

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meet the specific requirements of
companies or individuals.

"I asked Tony to speed up a spreadsheet
which he did with complete professionalism.

Not only does it work literally 100 times faster,
it's a smaller file and does more than you can
ever imagine. Spreadsheet two was quickly
sent over for the same Tony Treatment!"
Martin Parfrey, The Fulfilling Station

2.   Time Saving Books
   A low cost accounting package suitable
for individuals and smaller businesses to
automate accounting, financial analysis,
quoting and invoicing - only £85 no VAT.

  "Having used Time Saving Books I can honestly
say that it's a brilli
ant piece of easy to use Excel
that gives you all the management
mation you need, at one single glance:
profit and loss,
turnover by client, expenditure
by supplier, etc.  Perfect for SMEs!
Inge Dowden, Inge Dowden Coaching

3.   Training
Personal Excel training
on a
1 to 1 basis
or for small groups.


"Not only does Tony totally understand how
 to get the mos
t from Excel, he is able to explain
it in such a way that me
ans that I will remember
how to do it for myself in the future.
Saved me hours of frustration. Top bloke."

Patrick Adams,
Integra Asset Finance