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   "What Tony doesn't know about Excel isn't worth knowing.  Most of us get by and get quite excited when we learn about a pivot table or a macro, but Tony knows how to get the most out of this package and develop very powerful business tools.  We worked together recently to deliver some solutions for a customer of mine and he made me look very good indeed!  He is easy to work with, very technical but he also has great commercial understanding.  I will definitely be calling on his services again."     Matt Pluchino, Partner, Redwood Consultants

Excel is well known for being good at handling figures although it is also very good at handling all text data and even small images.  Once you start using macros, the possibilities are endless.

Excel is even a very powerful graphics handling or drawing package.  Believe it or not
I created all the components of the image below: the colours; 3D logo; 3D perspective; reflection and the different fonts, all entirely in Excel.  Proof that it's a lot more than just rows and columns of figures.

Cabot Tower