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User Friendly Tailored Spreadsheets To Meet Your Needs
My name is Tony Sutcliffe.  Over 20 years as a Chartered Management Accountant I was responsible for processing and understanding  many different types of data, including financial, time and text.  One thing that was frequently common to all of them was the repetitive and time consuming nature of what had to be done.  Consequently I developed ways of automating these processes by writing software to help.

I now create software for clients across the UK to automate these tasks, using what I consider to be the most cost effective and accessible method - Excel spreadsheets.  This enables my clients to save time and money and enables them to get on with what they are good at – running their business.

I offer a range of services, from Excel training and enhancing small spreadsheets for individuals to building bespoke systems for large companies.

Problems I can solve with better software

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If you would like Tailored Spreadsheets to help run your business please contact Tony Sutcliffe either by email Tony@TSSoftware.co.uk or call 0117 9681971.

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